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Dear adult Bronies,

kindly hurl yourselves from the tallest structure you can find. MLP:FIM was created for little girls, not so you could twist it into some gross fetish. Conventions should be safe spaces for fans of ALL ages, not a place for you to scope out the next child you want to violate or display your wildly inappropriate fanart where children can see it. Also, “men’s rights activism” is not a real thing. Enjoy fucking your pony-shaped body pillows for the rest of your lives, because at this rate you’ll never have a real relationship.

Someone who knows you’re all just creepy perverts hiding behind “fandom”

PS: the fedora was originally designed for Sarah Bernhardt. So thanks for appropriating that, too.

Whoo, boy.

Let’s dissect this one bit by bit, shall we?

"MLP:FIM was created for little girls"

Wrong!  It was created for little girls, and their parents.  Lauren Faust has even said this herself.


Also, the developer of the original series in the 80’s, Bonnie Zacherle, has stated that she intended the original series to be an adventure series for both girls, and boys, something illustrated upon in this post.  It was Hasbro that marketed it solely towards girls in order to capitalize on a  young, female market (i.e., to give Mattel some healthy competition).

"Conventions should be safe spaces for fans of ALL ages"

Brony conventions were created FOR OLDER FANS, BY OLDER FANS.  Conventions in general ARE NOT CREATED FOR CHILDREN. Also, the story about the alleged BABScon abduction attempt is FALSEEven the fucking Daily Dot doesn’t believe it happened.  Regardless, you can even ask the VAs for the show yourself - when it comes to panels, for example, it is always any children present that are allowed to ask questions FIRST.  Kids at these conventions are overall given preferential treatment over adult fans.

For additional reading, here is Heather Breckel, who works on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW comic speaking up against the Brony stereotype.  You can also have this post, which dissects the idea of anyone “stealing” anything from little girls, this post that shows the tens of thousands of dollars to various charities undertaken by this fan base (while people like you don’t do jack shit for anyone but yourself), this post analyzing why the Brony stereotype even exists, and have this post as well, just for good measure.

As for your MRA crack, there’s actually a pretty good reason why that movement even exists - because radical feminists have tainted what original feminism stood for.  People like you don’t seem to realize that “patriarchy” negatively effects EVERYONE - men and women alike.  Your attitude is exactly why I no longer want the term “feminist” attached to me, because it is now bogged down with negative connotations due to being improperly represented by spoiled, entitled little brats like YOU.  There is a difference between genuine feminism, and the third-wave “feminism” of people like you that is only continuing to drive a wedge between the sexes, and alienate trans, agender, and non-binary individuals by failing to acknowledge their rights.  By implying that males cannot appreciate something feminine without being less of a human being, or having “ulterior motives” for doing so, you are only perpetuating the harmful myth that femininity is only ever “weak” or “sexual”.

Also, the fedora hat was created for the character in the play, not the actress specifically.  Not to mention that, nine times out of ten, people like you misidentify any number of hats to be a “fedora”, when it isn’t.  To top it off, here’s a fellow female fan regarding the tired “fedora” stereotype.

And seriously - if you think a piece of headgear that was common among both men AND women AT THE TIME IT WAS CREATED, AND FOR A CENTURY THEREAFTER can even BE “appropriated” by EITHER gender, then you’re beyond trying to educate about anything, let alone a fucking HAT.

Lastly, if you are not at all IN the fandom, you have no right even TRYING to insinuate what the fan base is actually like, because your only impression of it is likely from those who already possess a negative bias, and who deliberately GO INTO PLACES THEY KNOW THEY DON’T LIKE, just to cherry pick only the worst things they find from a handful of fans, in order to showcase them as if they could be easily stumbled upon like a dead cow in the middle of a driveway.  We’re talking people that devote time out of their lives to something they HATE.  That’s more than a little pathetic, don’t you think?

Of course, look at the bullshit you posted…

Oh, and before you try to play the “You’re just a morbidly obese, cishet white male neckbeard MRA in a fedora” card, I must regret to inform you that I’m a French/Lebanese woman from the midwest that grew up with My Little Pony in the 80’s.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that the Head of Programming confirmed the fact that no inappropriate fanworks were allowed in the Vendor’s Hall of the convention, so the allegations of having nsfw pony merchandise plastered everywhere was completely false.

They had strict policies against it, y’know, like every other convention in existence.

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